December 8, 2013

Mom, Mom, Mom, say's Holly in a helium filled voice, "whatcha gonna blog about huh huh huh?? Blog about everyone in this family in order of who you like the best which is Dad first and me second right? right? right?" We are all up in Isaacs face about which Disney movies he has never seen and Holly hath declared that he will watch ALL of them before we go to Disneyland at Christmas.  He just shrugs his shoulder and says 'whatevs'.

Why we are on the subject, if you know, me and you read that last bit, you are probably reeling with shock over the thought of ME going to Disneyland the day after Christmas when I wont even go to a ward Christmas party because of the crowds:). I dont know why I agreed to such nonsense but am looking forward to the magic that IS Disneyland during the holidays.  (Oh heaven help me..Holly just poked herself with a pencil and is screaming about graphite poison and how it will be my fault when she is found dead in her bed tomorrow morning.)

Anyway, I love Sunday, I live for Sunday, however Sunday kicks my buttocks!  I am the ward nursery leader, which I find so weird because I am old and also because nursery leader was also my first calling in this ward when we moved in 24 years ago.  I have circled through every organization, even a short stint in RS  (which I have a legendary reputation for avoiding).

This is what I have decided.  That every single calling I have ever been in, has been the best calling EVER! I love toddlers, I love cubscouts, I love women, I love teenage girls, I love waving my arms around like an idiot in front of a choir full of people who know more about music than I. I love kids of all ages cause they say ridiculous and wise things. 

So despite thee fact that I don't like lots of people all up in my 'bidness',  I am grateful that God knows who I need to learn from and plops me down in front of them.  I love people.  That's all.

December 5, 2013

When I was determining what sort of this' and that's I might begin my blogging adventure with I first wanted to write a really intriguing title called "Pizza in the Glove Compartment" since that is the only place you can safely put leftover food if your doggy is in the car patiently waiting for you to shop at like a million little stores at Christmas. When we came out of the little boutique-ish store 'o' magic, he had managed to get into the front seat, down on the floor, which put him about 6 inches away from the glove compartment with the pizza.  I am a well known pitiful "Sucka" for this dog and I felt so bad for him.  So close, yet so far away!

Instead of that title, this is my first title for my first blog on this fifth day of December, 2013

It Ain't What You Know, it's Who ya know

Wanna know why? cause this morning I stood up, took one step, passed out for a few seconds and plunged headlong, face and only face first into the corner of the wall.  I wasn't dashing to the freezer for double fudge brownie or anything, I just wanted to go make a bottle for the little Princess Buttercup Ivy.  So, when you know the right peeps, and they are as awesome as my friends at the MGAP (family practice) then you may just waltz in, get some stitches, and if you are lucky, your Doc will give you a free tattoo while you are under the NEEDLE and you are out and back home in less than an hour.  That's what I did this morning. And a big shout out to my Holly who is grace and calm in any emergency. So anyway's, today I get to strike something from my bucket list, which was "Get a black eye".  Good job me!