February 26, 2014

Hello all.  Been home from the hospital for a few days now. For now all I can say is:

February 24, 2014

some happy news

ok, here's a quick update on the happenings of Joanna!

on Wednesday she came home from the hospital with her creatinine plateaued at 5.
fact: normal creatinine is 1
and her hematocrit was at 23
fact: normal hct is 37

Today, she got some more labs done, andddddd
hct: 31!!!!!!

a little medical background: mom is suuuuuper anemic to begin with, and part of what your kidneys do is produce red blood cells. well guess what wasn't working? her kidneys. so she was pretty dang low on blood. that was a huge objective before continuing on with chemo and such--- getting that RBC count up. because chemo makes you anemic. (I know, right?)

she is in good spirits, taking walks, eating toast and drinking juice.

thank you for your support, as always! thank you for keeping us going.
we love you all!!
(she might be back soon with a more humorous update)

February 8, 2014

pray 4 pee

Well, it turns out mom's kidneys are pretty pissed off from being bullied by all those meds.

yesterday morning, it was "pray that she'll pee"
and today it is still "pray that she'll pee", but also..." pray that the words 'renal failure', which have already been said, will not turn into the really really bad kind of renal failure"

those words scared the hell out of me last night when they were spoken by the nurse. but once again, Dr. Clark to the rescue. I called her, she explained everything very clearly, and I felt better.  She's got the kidney doctor taking care of her, but he hasn't been in this morning yet. so we don't know a whole lot more. just that both of her doctors yesterday told us that "her kidneys are offended, and injured"

you guys, we are so beyond grateful for the love and support, as you know. but now that more crap has hit the fan, we need more. my mom can feel it, and so can all of us Robinsons.

we need those kidneys to do their job. we need them to.


February 3, 2014

A Pnuemonia Tale


a bit of an update. a kinda stupid update. stupid because it's no bueno.

Mama came out of surgery a little wheezy, but that was normal. it didn't get bad until a few days ago, and after a particularly bad 5AM wake-up by her wheezy deezy damn trachea, she went down to the clinic to get a chest x-ray to check it out, to make sure it wasn't pneumonia.  (as you can imagine, coughing with a spacer in your chest has got to feel something like hell)
the x-ray came back, and it looked like there was no pneumonia! on Saturday.

This morning, it was bad again. the clinic couldn't get her in until 2:40, and this was at noon. so we headed over to the Orem Community ER. Nurse Tom took good care of us (just like the last time we were there. seriously CHEERS to nurse Tom. I feel like dropping off a big ol' Texas Roadhouse gift card) and they gave her a breathing treatment and another chest x-ray, revealing that OHHHH she does have pneumonia now. since it wasn't there on Saturday, they had a good baseline to compare it to.

She is now down at UVRMC, being well taken care of by a doctor that she worked with at the M-gap, and she is receiving steady antibiotics and pain management.

As her doctor told me during a little pep-talk today on the phone, this is just a bump in the road.

mom can feel your thoughts and prayers, and she appreciates you all so much. we are grateful people.

thank you thank you thank you.

we'll keep you posted!