May 27, 2014

P. E. (unfortunately in this case does not stand for physical eductaion)

Hello! this blog has been neglected for quite some time, folks!  I guess it's that "no news is good news" thing... yeah?
not that the reason for this is necessarily BAD news... it's just no the greatest or happiest.

oh, by the way, this is Holly speaking.

Treatment number 4 was a DOOZY. starting on Friday, ending yesterday, it was all just quite hellish to tell you the honest truth. anxiety + that horrid, nasty chemo feeling that is indescribable and just gross.

Well yesterday and today, mum was feeling extra tired and fatigued. I, being a know-it-all/optimist, pegged it as her blood counts being low, just like usual. (*CHEMO LESSON*... the chemo drugs kill all of your cells, but the good cells grow back much faster than the dumb-A cancer cells.) We all just thought, "yeeeah, that's just your low RBC's and what not, plus you've been through a battle for the passed 3 days so you've got license to be tired, yo."

well this morning, when she went up the stairs (6 steps), poured her cereal, and came back down, she was gosh-dang out of breath. so we decided to call and make an appt for her to go get IV fluids, since that has worked in the past.

LONGGGG story short, after getting to the chemo zone, getting some blood work done, and a CT scan, they found a ... wait for it... BABY pulmonary embolism.

that sounds scary, doesn't it? yeah you're tellin' me. it was just a tiny little guy, and with two shots of Lovenox a day, (a blood thinner) the clot should shrink AND it should prevent new ones from forming. (plus it will give me plenty of practice with poking people! (bright side, but a bright side I could do without.)

I hate the word clot. don't you? it's unpleasant.

We sometimes forget to say thank you to the prayers that are being said for us, so here is a huuuuuuuge THANK YOU from us Robinsons. we have made it through 4 out of 6 treatments, and we're gonna make it through 2 more.

A special shout-out to the neighbors who weeded the CRAP out of our front yard, and planted flowers. I mean. really you guys. could Greg and Joanna have PICKED a better neighborhood to live in?

thank you thank you thank you, everyone. for the good vibes and continued prayers. we thank Heavenly Father each and every day for the people we know, and the support and love we feel.

we'll keep you posted, but I mean, she's got this. 

PS!!!!! we are all participating in the Strides Against Breast Cancer walk in October, and we would LOOOOVE for as many people as possible to join our team!! You can find out more info on the Facebook group, and stay tuned on that for fundraiser information and how to sign up for the team! Click here to join the group! :)